The vibration of the mantra OM symbolising       the manifestation of GOD in form.

OM is the reflection of the absolute reality.          It´s said to be "adi anadi" : without beginning or end and embracing all that exist.

The vibration of OM is the name of GOD,             the vibration of the supreme.

When taken letter by letter, a u m , represent the divine energy.

If you wish, try to repeat a few times the mantra and feel how good it feels...

External Link           A  U  M

Delfin means dolphin in nearly all the languages, a worshipped and friendly mamifere.

Savers of the world, smiling, loving and caring, being the name my dearly mom offered to me, I had to use it in the name of the Dive Shop.

Dive Shop.

As a logotype of the dive shop is the magnificent GOD of India,  

GANESH, GOD who helps to lift up obstacles.